Take a break from your busy day by getting a gourmet burger

Hungry? Our burger and fries food truck has everything you need. You can get all kinds of fancy seasonings on your fries or enjoy them fresh out of the fryer. Our burgers come with a variety of toppings depending on the specialty burger you order. We didn't get to be the best gourmet burger cafe and food truck in Battle Creek, Michigan by doing things the boring way. There's excitement in every bite.

There's plenty to love on our gourmet burger cafe menu. You and your family will love our:

  • Patty melt, aka the "Phatty Melt"
  • Hand-cut fries with Cajun seasoning
  • Georgia Peach burger made with real caramelized peaches

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Enjoy a Fresh Patty Between Two Perfect Buns

Try the food at our gourmet burger cafe in Battle Creek, MI

Don't just settle for a boring burger. Live deliciously by visiting Suns Out Buns Out. Our gourmet burger cafe has a huge menu full of unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Treat yourself to a gourmet burger from our family food truck.

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Sink Your Teeth Into a Juicy Burger

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Why should you come to Suns Out Buns Out?

We've had our popular food truck since 2021 and more recently opened up a gourmet burger cafe. Whether we're on wheels or firmly on solid ground, we've got the same taste for adventure and commitment to quality. Our family-owned restaurant is happy to keep your family fed and happy.